Now feuding both through social media and their respective attorneys, Jamie Lynn Spears has responded to a cease-and-desist she was sent last week by her sister’s attorney Mathew Rosengart telling her to stop discussing the singer while doing press for her memoir, Things I Should Have Said.

Jamie Lynn’s lawyer, Bryan J. Freedman, penned the response which was sent on Wednesday. The letter accuses Britney of “cyberbullying” Jamie Lynn, and that her “intimidating and threatening social media posts” encourage fans to harass her and her family.

“It was also disappointing to see your Letter plastered all over the media, as it would have certainly benefitted all of the people involved and their respective children, if there was a private forum to try and redress any grievances,” Freedman added.

The letter also pushed back against Rosengart’s claim that Britney’s depiction in the book is entirely defamatory. Freedman wrote that Britney “is described as a kind, supportive, and a protective sister, whom Jamie Lynn looked to as a second mother” when referenced in the memoir.

Jamie Lynn’s letter concludes that she “hopes that there will [be] no further posting or inflammatory letters being sent to the media  … Jamie Lynn supports Britney and as always, she hopes she can get the healing, peace, and freedom she rightfully deserves.”

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