Jamie Lee Curtis recently revealed that not only will she be officiating her trans daughter Ruby Guest‘s wedding, but she’s also officiating in cosplay at her daughter’s request. Curtis has been extremely supportive of her daughter’s identity and discussed her upcoming cosplay experience with other great stories in a Jimmy Kimmel Live! interview.

Ruby is Curtis’ younger daughter, of her two adopted daughters she has with her husband Christopher Guest. Her older daughter got married in Curtis’ backyard and Robin plans to do the same, “which brings me to tears,” she said.”

Curtis first had to explain the concept of “cosplay,” where people dress up as their favorite characters from movies, shows, or video games, to a bewildered Kimmel, who joked that “the ‘play’ part is what I’m unclear on.” Curtis said all the attendants will be dressed up and, “I will be in a costume to officiate the wedding,” and revealed that the character her daughter and her picked was the World Of Warcraft sorceress Jaina Proudmoore.

Even though she didn’t seem to know much about the character, just saying, “It’s a game, I don’t know,” Curtis seems to have been a fan of the games in the past. She has done World Of Warcraft cosplay before, having dressed up as an Orc Shaman at the 2016 premiere of the movie Warcraft and gone to RPG conventions like Blizzcon incognito as well.

It’s great to see a Hollywood icon be willingly nerdy and support her trans daughter in the process, really a win-win in feel-good news. Curtis also recently wrote on Instagram, “I am proud to be the parent of a trans child and am sending support to all families across the U.S. who are being targeted in this moment by conservative legislatures.”

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