James Van Der Beek is one proud papa! The Dawson's Creek actor, whose wife Kimberly gave birth to daughter Olivia on September 25, has been a hands-on dad with everything from diaper duty to picking out a name.

Van Der Beek chose his daughter's moniker because "she looked like an Olivia,” he said to People. He added, “there’s an olive tree in Israel that’s special to us." His wife explained, “We spent time under it when we first met in Israel, then we went back to this tree when I was pregnant.”

The actor also dished on the best parenting advice he's received so far: that babies aren't fragile and don't break easily. “That helps me to be a lot less nervous,” he said. “I am calmer and then the baby picks up on the energy.”

Van Der Beek will star in the action flick The Big Bang with Antonio Banderas, which will be released next year. —ISHITA SINGH

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