The Grammy-winning artist James Taylor and his wife Kim Taylor donated $1 million to a hospital in Boston Massachusetts to battle against the coronavirus.

On Tuesday, the couple donated the substantial gift to Massachusetts General Hospital in order to help with direct sources where needed greatest. This included purchasing new supplies, equipment, repurposing space and research for new treatments and prevention of the virus.

The 72-year-old singer has deep ties to the hospital. The Massachusetts General Hospital is the same one where Taylor’s father, Dr. Isaac Taylor, completed his residency in internal medicine and conducted research. Taylor was also born in the hospital in 1948. Taylor’s wife also served on the board of the MassGeneral Hospital for Children for the past five years.

“There is no question that it’s a point of pride for New Englanders to claim the MGH as their hospital, our hospital, and this is especially true today with the threat coming from a new and insidious virus,” Taylor, who lives in the Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts, said in a statement. “Kim and I want to be part of this fight. We have been so inspired by the courage and sacrifice of the health care heroes in the trenches who are working so hard to protect us all.”

Hospital President Dr. Peter Slavin called the gift a morale boost to the hospital staff and its community within the hospital.

“The Taylors have long provided comfort and hope through music, and this latest gift embodies that same sense of humanity and sends a heartening message to our staff that their efforts are appreciated, and they are not in this fight alone,” he said.