James Seevakumaran planned to commit mass murder at the University of Central Florida early Monday morning, but ended up only taking his own life after pulling his dormitory’s fire alarm.

Seevakumaran had written a to-do list for his life-ending scheme. After heading to a local bar called the Mad Hatter, he was to return to the dormitory, pull the fire alarm and then “give ‘em hell.” After pulling the fire alarm, and picking up his assault rifle, he locked eyes with one of his roommates, Arabo Babakhani.

“As soon as the fire alarm happened, I open my door, I think something is burning on the stove. I open my door and I see my roommate with an assault rifle. I didn't stop and look; I slammed the door in his face so he couldn't harm me. As soon as I opened the door he just raised the rifle on me," Babakhani told ABC News.

"For the most part if you said anything to him he would ignore you, he would stare off in the distance and pretend like you didn't exist. But he made eye contact with me when he pulled the gun on me. That was the best eye contact I ever had with him. He looked me dead in the eye and raised the gun," Babakhani said.

Babakhani was then able to call the police from inside the locked room. University police heeded the call and can be seen in a video attempting to get into the dorm room, and eventually coming across Seevakumaran, who was already dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. In the room, police also found an American Tactical .22 caliber assault rifle, a .45 caliber handgun, high capacity magazines and four homemade IEDs laced with shrapnel.

On Tuesday, police discovered that two packages meant for Seevakumaran were left unopened in the campus mailroom. The packages contained more magazines, a sling for a rifle and instructional shooting DVDs.

Seevakumaran’s motive for planning the murder of the UCF students with whom he shared a dormitory has yet to be confirmed by police. The 30-year-old had been a student there since fall of 2010, but had not re-enrolled for the 2013 semester. Since he was no longer a student, the University was in the process of evicting him. Seevakumaran’s family said that the former business student was a loner, but had no prior history of violence, according to Central Florida News 13.

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