James Gunn has been hired by Warner Bros and DC to write with the possibility of directing the next Suicide Squad movie. This is the first job he has taken since being fired from Disney, after being let go from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise in July because of controversial tweets that had been compiled by journalists and sent to Disney. 

Warner Bros. originally had Gavin O’Connor as the director of the film, but he is now directing Ben Affleck in a Brad Ingelsby-scripted drama. The studio has had talks with Gunn about stepping in and developing the film and after he was settled out of Disneys Guardians of the Galaxy 3, a deal was made.

His departure has shocked many. Gunn had written the third Guardians, which grossed $863 million and surpassed his first film of the sequel which had reached $773 million. Many studios have ran from filmmakers caught in the #MeToo moment, but they have made an exception to bring Gunn on board. Many felt that Gunn didn’t mean what he said. 


After Gunn was fired from Disney he wrote, “my words of nearly a decade ago were, at the time, totally failed and unfortunate efforts to be provocative. I have regretted them for many years since — not just because they were stupid, not at all funny, wildly insensitive, and certainly not provocative like I had hoped, but also because they don’t reflect the person I am today or have been for some time. Regardless of how much time has passed, I understand and accept the business decisions taken today. Even these many years later, I take full responsibility for the way I conducted myself then. All I can do now, beyond offering my sincere and heartfelt regret, is to be the best human being I can be: accepting, understanding, committed to equality, and far more thoughtful about my public statements and my obligations to our public discourse. To everyone inside my industry and beyond, I again offer my deepest apologies. Love to all.”

Gunn is said to be bringing a new take on Suicide Squad, which had been directed and scripted by David Ayer for Warner Bros. and DC in the first installment which grossed at $746 million. The franchise has also already decided to do the spinoff Birds of Prey, with actress Margot Robbie bringing her character Harley Quinn into a female-driven film. The spinoff is set to be directed by Cathy Yan and Mary Elizabeth will star as The Huntress and June Smollett-Bell will star as Black Canary. 

After Disney’s dismissal of Gunn, which happened as San Diego’s Comic-Con was underway, his Guardian cast members all spoke out in favor of Gunn by asking Disney to reconsider. A meeting did take place between Gunn and Alan Horn, but the studio maintained it’s decision to get rid of Gunn. It still remains unclear who will direct the next Guardians film, but there has been speculation that Thor Ragnarok’s Taika Waititi could be the next candidate. 

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