James Corden added another famous face to his list of stars that have joined him on his Carpool Karaoke. Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay, joined the host to sing along to the band’s famous hits like “Adventures of a Lifetime” and “Yellow.”

Corden picked up the stranded singer as he hitchhiking with a sign that read, “Super Bowl San Francisco.” Heading towards their San Fran destination, the two discussed the rules of American football and Martin revealed he does impersonations of famous musicians: Bruce Springsteen and Mick Jagger. He said the secret to channeling Jagger is to “go from high to low.”

The two stopped along the way to pick up snacks for the remainder of the trip that included Snickers and “American Rollos.” They also picked up a pair of matching San Francisco beanies and even stopped for some very sweet lemonade from a lemonade stand.

Martin also brought along a keyboard to “play” at the halftime show and the two warmed up the keys to David Bowie’s “Heroes.”

The duo also discussed the band’s name and how Martin always think of Coldplay when he hears the word “cold.” Corden debunked that and suggested that the word will always be associated with “temperature or mild sickness.” Martin responded with a laugh and saying the band would have to “try harder.”

The two also ended up getting a hotel room for the night and once again had matching stripped sleeping hats.

Coldplay is set to perform at this Sunday’s Super Bowl 50 along with guests, Beyonce and Bruno Mars. 


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