James Corden and guest Jim Parsons, both dressed as Neil Young, recreated the video for “Dust in the Wind” by rock group Kansas on The Late Late Show.


Corden showed off his singing chops, as he is known to do on his show, as Young, singing the song in a floral top and vest, with a wig of long hair. Parsons, with long hair and beard, provided the harmonies, as well as a killer fiddle solo, even if it was obvious he wasn’t really playing.

The video didn’t take much, with the two stars standing and not moving, while the camera faded in and out. In the end, the two are just a pile of dust, as the song would have it, in the middle of the stage. But what’s more is, as the skit continued, Corden’s frilly shirt became frillier and frillier, and Parsons’ hair got longer and frizzier, until finally the props were actually all that were left.

See the Corden parody and the original music video below for comparison.

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