The All-Star Salute To James Burrows opened with a sketch that featured stars from Friends, Will & Grace, The Big Bang Theory and Cheers.

James Burrows Tribute Sketch

The sketched honoring James Burrows opened with Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons ringing up Will & Grace‘s Sean Hayes in an effort to help him wrangle actors who’ve worked with Burrows for a tribute that same night. Parsons is too busy playing with toy soldiers to do it himself.

Hayes’ first call is to CheersTed Danson, who takes the call from a movie theater showing Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Hanson is in, so is Rhea Perlman, the next person on Hayes’ list. Perlman, who is in the tub with Hayes’ former costar Eric McCormack, says he’ll be going as well.

Woody Harrelson is a no go, but George Wendt is down for the event. Patrick Warburton, who is having a spa day with Matt LeBLanc and Johnny Galecki, RSVPs in the affirmative for the trio of sitcom stars.

And Two and Half Men‘s Charlie Sheen takes his phone call from a confessional, where he’s recounting to a priest his sins of the 80s.

Must-See TV: An All-Star Tribute to James Burrows was a two-hour special on NBC that honored Burrows, a legendary comedy director. Burrows directed a total of 15 episodes of Friends, including the show’s pilot. He’s also been at the helm of episodes of Taxi, The Bob Newhart Show, Cheers, Frasier, Caroline in the City, Will & Grace and Mike & Molly. Recently, Burrows, a go-to for sitcom pilots, shot his 1,000th episode of TV.

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