Local authorities from the Scottsdale, Arizona police department have reportedly charged Jake Paul for filming looters and participating in the destruction of property during a Black Lives Matter protest last summer.

Despite initial reports that federal authorities had declined to press charges against the YouTube star, representatives from Scottsdale have stated that Paul’s charges have been refiled.

On May 30 of last year, Paul videotaped himself inside a mall while looting was occurring, capturing both himself and other looters on video. Aside from public criticism, Paul was additionally charged with multiple criminal misdemeanors, unlawful assembly and criminal trespassing. However, the charges were ultimately dropped once federal agents decided to launch their own investigation into the influencer’s activities.

According to sources, once the federal charges against Paul were dropped following the conducted investigation, the City of Scottsdale decided to re-file the misdemeanor case.

If convicted, Paul could face up to a full year in federal prison.

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