He's not 30 yet —Jake Gyllenhaal, 29, still has two months to go before hitting the big milestone. But the Prince of Persia star is not fretting about the upcoming birthday.

"Can you cut it with the 30 comments?" he asked reporters at the New Yorker Festival on Saturday. But he didn't really mean it. "I feel more like myself. I feel like now, it's just the beginning," he told People. "I guess you get to a point at 30 or somewhere and you say, 'What I am, is what I am and that's what I'm going to be and that's all good. I don't need to be anything else.' And that's kind of how I feel."

Older sister Maggie is already 32, and Jake cites her as a huge influence in his acting career. "We would put on shows together and she would always boss me around," he recalled. "She would put on a stage performance of Cats, and I would be a lone, poor cat sitting in the corner while my sister performed. I never got to be the star. I did everything wrong according to her." Gyllenhaal will appear later this year in Love and Other Drugs as a pharmaceutical salesman who falls in love with Anne Hathaway's free spirited character. –AMY LEE

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