Jaclyn Smith believes that the Andy Warhol print of her former Charlie’s Angel’s costar Farrah Fawcett belongs to Ryan O’Neal and his son – not the University of Texas.

Jaclyn Smith Cries In Courtroom

When Smith, 68, took a seat in the courtroom on Monday, she was overwhelmed by her emotions. She was there to support O’Neal and Redmond, O’Neal and Fawcett’s only child. Upon hugging O’Neal and Redmond, the actress burst into tears due to “seeing Redmond, and I miss Farrah,” Smith told The New York Post.

Smith believes that O’Neal is in the right in the lawsuit; Farrah wanted him to keep the coveted print. “I wanted to support Ryan. I wanted to support Redmond and in doing that, I’m supporting Farrah, because as her friend I feel I know what she would want," Smith explained on Extra.

Smith Defends Ryan O'Neal

“Over the years that has always been Ryan’s painting, so I feel somewhere, why, how, the truth got lost. It’s sad because Farrah’s not here to set us all straight,” she continued. “It’s only people close to her, and when two people are fighting against one another, somehow you know the truth gets diffused and lost in the shuffle, but those who love her and feel her presence know where that painting should be and it should live in the home of Ryan O’Neal.”

Warhol created the print of Fawcett in 1980. It’s primarily black and white, with striking dashes of color – scarlet for her lips and with aqua-colored irises. The University of Texas is suing for the print, stating that Fawcett’s will indicated that her entire art collection would go to them, her alma mater. The university is already in possession of a sister print to the one O’Neal is fighting to hold on to. O’Neal claims that no Warhol item was to go to the school.

At the trial, Smith said O’Neal told her, “‘I talk to that painting every day, that painting is a part of my life, part of my history and I go and I talk to her.’ I think Redmond’s the same, he sees his mom there, that’s her soul,” Smith added. “As I said yesterday, Ryan was the love of her life. When they weren’t together, they were still together, and Redmond was her heart. He was everything, so don’t you think that painting should be with him?"

– Chelsea Regan

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