Star of the movie Jackass, Bam Margera, was hospitalized this week a staph infection a new leg tattoo.

The skateboarder posted on Instagram on Monday a picture of his leg, showing the tattoo and the red swelling around the tattoo. He captioned the post, “The only person I can blame for my staff [sic] infection. Thank you Danny way for taking me. I deserve it and it f****** hurts very bad.”

He posted another photo of the tattoo closer up, explaining that it means ‘great news’ in Farsi.

“I love how I did not take care of my tattoo, now I have to deal with the pain of a staff infection. In Farsi it says “great news” aka Navid. But I let my great news get infected 🤣high five me because I’m an asso who deserves it,” he captioned the post. 

It has been speculated that Margera contracted the infection in a hot tub, but it also could’ve been caused by am improperly cleaned tattoo needle.

Margera seems to be recovering. A skin staph infection can be treated by topical Neosporin or antibiotics.

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