Caroline Kennedy’s son and John F. Kennedy’s only grandson, Jack Schlossberg, delivered a speech at the Presidential Medal of Freedom’s ceremony on Wednesday, commemorating the former president 50 years after his assassination.

Jack Schlossberg Honors Grandfather JFK

Schlossberg, 20, before introducing President Barack Obama, offered some moving words about JFK and what his presidency meant to the country. “[JFK] reminded us that everyone has the capacity to explore, to imagine and to give back to our great nation no matter the path we choose,” Schlossberg said about his grandfather.

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JFK’s grandson was also in the capitol on Nov. 12 to stand by his mother’s side at the State Department ceremony as they swore her in as the U.S. Ambassador for Japan. He stole some of his mother’s thunder with his appearance, drawing looks comparisons to his late uncle, John F. Kennedy Jr.

JFK's Grandson Attends Yale, Looks Like JFK Jr.

The sophomore at Yale writes for both the Yale Daily News and The Yale Herald. He also put together a playful YouTube video to promote his blog in the university press. While Schlossberg has stated his interest in politics and public service, he’s yet to focus on an area of study at college.

Formally John Kennedy Schlossberg, the college writer submitted a letter to the editor to The New York Times back in 2011 in defense of his grandfather and the American people. “President Kennedy’s legacy remains relevant today not because of Camelot or conspiracy,” he wrote. But because Americans find inspiration and meaning there.”

– Chelsea Regan

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