J.J. Abrams isn't known for his spoilers, instead remaining tight-lipped about the evolution of his shows, but he opened up a bit on Sunday about the highly anticipated season finale of Fringe, starring Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop, John Noble as Dr. Walter Bishop and Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham.

"It will be great," Abrams assured curious reporters after a TV press tour panel in Pasadena for NBC's Revolution, reports Entertainment Weekly, even though he hasn't yet technically seen the final episode, since the cut just came in. "I mean, the script is unbelievable," he added. "I think it will be incredibly emotional." For anyone who was still not convinced, Abrams said, "If it's not satisfying, I don't know what satisfying is."

While Abrams' "spoilers" may not be too specific, he defends his tendency toward secrecy. “I will sit in a meeting before a movie with 80-some people, heads of departments, and literally say that all I ask is that we preserve the experience for the viewer,” Abrams said. “Every choice we make, every costume fitting, every pad of makeup, every set that’s built — all that stuff becomes less magical if it’s discussed and revealed and pictures are posted online. I just want to make sure that when somebody sees something in a movie they didn’t watch a 60-minute behind-the-scene that came out two months before.”

And he says that his cast has the same respect for the process. “It’s not like there are threats, it’s not like we’re begging them every day,” he says. “We just say up front that all the work we’re doing is about making this a special experience for the viewer; let’s preserve that as long as we can.”

Catch the "emotional" series finale of Fringe Friday, January 18, on Fox.

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