Ivanka Trump finally has opened up about the immigrant family separations caused by her father’s zero-tolerance policy on illegal immigration, saying she is “vehemently against’ this practice.

“That was a low point for me as well,” President Donald Trump‘s daughter and senior adviser told Axios.  “I feel very strongly about that, and I am very vehemently against family separation and the separation of parents and children.”

The president signed an executive order in June ending the family separations at the southern border after drawing severe backlash from both sides of the political aisle. Photos and audio recordings of children being held in detention facilities sparked national outrage and protests and led to strong criticism of Trump officials who repeatedly defended the policy. Last week, the administration reunited more than 1,400 children with their parents, although 2,551 kids “identified as separated from a parent at the border,” according to Politico. A San Diego judge ruled in late June that the migrant families must be reunited within 30 days, and within 14 days for children under the age of five. Reports have recently surfaced about migrants at the border, some of them children, being mistreated by immigration officials.

Ivanka Trump, a mother of three, was heavily criticized for being “tone deaf” to the immigrant family separation issue after she posted a photo of herself lovingly holding her young son on social media during Memorial Day weekend. The president’s 36-year-old daughter has also been slammed for generally not supporting women’s rights and championing causes that help families despite her pledge to do so.


After late-night comedian and Full Frontal host Samantha Bee insulted the first daughter on her show for not stopping the immigration crisis, Bee drew severe backlash and was forced to apologize; even the president himself called her out.

In her interview with Axios, Ivanka Trump also said “illegal immigration is incredibly complicated,” and noted how her mother Ivana is an immigrant from Czech Republic who grew up during the time when the Eastern European nation was under Soviet Union communist control. The first daughter said her mother arrived to the U.S. legally.

“We have to be very careful about incentivizing behavior that puts children at risk of being trafficked, at risk of entering this country with coyotes or making an incredibly dangerous journey alone,” she stated. “These are not easy issues, these are incredibly difficult issues and like the rest of the country, I experience them in a very emotional way.”

Ivanka also expressed her views on the press, and opposed he father’s frequent statements by saying she does “not feel like the media is the enemy of the people.”

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