Ivanka Trump, the eldest daughter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, attested to the aspiring politician’s character and respect for women – but stayed away from talk of politics – in a recent interview.

Ivanka Trump On Donald Trump

Ivanka sat down to serve as something of a character witness for her father in a sit-down interview with CNN’s Poppy Harlow. Harlow took the opportunity to press the 33-year-old businesswoman about Donald Trump’s comments about fellow Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

“Look, my father is very blunt. He’s very direct,” Ivanka explained. “He is not gender specific in his criticism of people, and people that he doesn’t particularly like or people that he does like but thinks they’re wrong on a particular issue. I don’t think that he’s gender-targeted at all.”

Ivanka went on to use her experience working at her father’s company to offer proof of the respect he has for women and their potential. She also believes that he’s exemplified his appreciation for women in the workplace elsewhere in his business ventures.

“I wouldn’t be the person I am today, I wouldn’t be a high-level executive within his organization if he felt that way. He’s always supported and encouraged women,” Ivanka said. “And truthfully he’s proven that over decades, through his employment practices, through his hiring practices.”

Ivanka added, “He’d be amazing for women in this country. He’d be incredible for women in this country.”

Ivanka, who counts Chelsea Clinton among one of her closest friends and who thought the Democratic primary debate earlier this week was “excellent” and “interesting,” has no desire to weigh in on either her father’s or her own personal politics.

“It’s not my place to articulate [his positions] for him,” Ivanka said, adding later. “I’m a businessperson not a politician. I’ll leave politics to other members of my family.”

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