The impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump began with an anonymous whistleblower.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wanted an investigation into allegations that Trump and other top government officials pressured foreign leaders to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. Trump has been accused of abusing power for his own political gain and profit. The whistleblower’s accusations have been confirmed by many witnesses and other White House officials.

While Trump has demanded that the identity of the anonymous whistleblower be revealed, his daughter Ivanka Trump claimed this week that the whistleblower’s identity is completely irrelevant. In an interview with the Associated Press, she said, “it’s not particularly relevant aside from what the motivation behind all of this was.”

Ivanka further suggested that the whistleblower did not have the accurate information saying that they “did not have firsthand information” and “was not among administration officials who were there during Trump’s July 25 telephone conversation with Ukraine’s leader.”

Ivanka has repeatedly rejected allegations that her family has been profiting off the presidency.

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