The Republican primary contest is next week and plenty of New Yorkers will be coming out to vote, however Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump‘s children will not not be among them. Trump confirmed on Monday that his children, 34-year-old Ivanka Trump and 32-year-old Eric Trump never registered to vote in New York’s closed primary. Trump admitted last Monday that they had missed the deadline to register.

“They had a long time to register and they were, you know, unaware of the rules and they didn’t register in time,” said Trump, “So they feel very, very guilty.” Then he went on, “But it’s fine. I understand that. I think they have to register a year in advance and they didn’t. So Eric and Ivanka, I guess, won’t be voting.”

This is particularly awkward because Ivanka has been involved in campaigns reminding Republicans to vote. Ivanka explained that the reason that she was so involved in this was because of this initial mistake that she had made. Although registrations to vote were due March 30 for the April 19 primary, Ivanka and her brother, as registered independents, had to switch their party affiliations by October 2015.

“I’m an independent, and I’ve always voted based on the candidate as opposed to based on the party, and it was actually a very interesting experience,” Ivanka told CNN. “So, we’re not a family of politicians. We haven’t been in politics very long.”


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Ivanka also asserted that she and her brother realized their mistake “about a week” after the October deadline passed.

Eric asserted the same sort of argument as Ivanka, explaining: “It was our first, kind of, foray into politics. We didn’t realize how the whole system worked.”

Trump’s eldest son, Donald Jr. Trump, is a registered Republican in New York and therefore will be voting in the primaries next Tuesday.

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