A lack of Loch Ness Monster, or ‘Nessie,’ sightings in the past year has believers questioning whether or not Nessie is still alive.

Gary Campbell, an accountant, has spent the last 17 years logging reported sightings of the Loch Ness Monster and is somewhat of an expert on the mythic lake monster. Campbell has become disturbed by the lack of Nessie sightings in the past 18 months, telling BBC News that there hasn’t been a year without any confirmed sightings since 1925.

“It’s very upsetting news and we don’t know where she’s gone. The number of sightings has been reducing since the turn of the century but this is the first time in almost 90 years that Nessie wasn’t seen at all,” Campbell said.

Campbell, who stated that there have been over 1,000 sightings in recorded history, including a few in 2012, hopes that Nessie is not dead, but simply gone away or disappeared from the surface of Loch Ness.

“I’m convinced that Nessie has just taken some time out and will be back with a vengeance this year,” Campbell added.

Nessie has been a staple of Scottish folklore and history for over 1,500 years, but recent sightings only picked up steam in 1933, when a couple driving along the Loch Ness’ shore reported seeing a monster in the lake. In 1934, a photograph of the monster was taken and was widly accepted as proof of the monster's existence. In the photo, which has since been discredited, Nessie appears as a dinosaur-like figure. Throughout the late 1900s, several British expeditions have occurred using sonar technology to try to uncover whatever mysterious animals might live in the deep lake. Loch Ness is reportedly 800 feet deep and 23 miles long. Whether or not the Loch Ness Monster exists continues to be one of the most beloved mysteries of the world.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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