Apple’s iPhone 6 is expected to launch sometime next fall, and according to images purporting to be case molds for the latest upgrade, it’s going to feature a size upgrade.

iPhone 6 Design

The prototypes, posted to the Internet via a Japanese case maker’s blog – Bling My Thing – were picked up by Apple rumor website 9to5Mac. Just by looking at the prototypes, it can be deduced that the next batch of iPhones will be taller than the latest models. However, it doesn’t look as though it will be wider, making it still easy to hold with just one hand. It also appears as though it will have a thinner bezel.

Rumored specs anticipate that one model of the iPhone will be 4.7 inches long, while another will be larger at 5.5 inches long. The bigger screens will be made entirely out of sapphire crystal and the display will be upgraded to 441 pixels per inch.

Additional features may include pressure, temperature and humidity sensors and potentially a solar power charger that would be built into the phone’s screen.

– Chelsea Regan

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