Streaking has been an age-old tradition for many passionate fans at the Super Bowl. This year, most fans were probably excited to escape the hardships of winter, down in the subtropical city of Miami. One fan – now known to the public as Instagram influencer Kelly Kay – decided to embrace the streaking tradition. Unfortunately for her however, she was only able to run a few feet onto the field before being swarmed by security.

At the beginning of the game, an unidentified woman hopped over the stadium railing near the Chief’s end-zone. Even worse for her, she was barely able to make it passed the photographers that encompass the stadium’s field. The woman was identified as Kelly Kay, after her friend Colleen McGinniss posted a video and tagged Kay via Twitter.

Many speculated that Kay chose to run into the field for a few reasons. For one, rushing the field on championship night is a thoroughly American tradition! Also, she is an individual that needs social media clout in order to retain her brand ambassador possession for companies like KO Watches and Bang Energy.


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Star child 🌟

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It is unknown if Kay will be facing legal charges from the NFL or the State of Florida.

For actual fans and attendees of the Super Bowl, fans got to witness a 4th quarter comeback-victory from their third-year star Patrick Mahomes, with a final score of 31-20. In total, the Kansas City Chiefs now possess their franchise’s second Super Bowl title, 50 years after winning their first one.

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