Game of Thrones and Donald Trump mashup has taken the internet by storm as it parodies infamous Trump lines intertwined in famous GOT scenes.


The Australian politics show Insiders has made a parody video that takes actual Trump quotes including, “The people that are with me 100% are the people” and “The greatest builder is me. And I would build the greatest wall you’ve ever seen. And in that wall, we’re gonna have a beautiful, big, fat door where people can come in to the country, but they have to come in legally.”

The mashup is done perfectly with the characters responding to Trump’s floating head on a body. The dumbfounded looks on the GOT actors fit perfectly in with the ridiculous one-liners Trump has actually used.

The scenes ranged from Trump turning away Khaleesi away at his gates or telling Jon Snow “we need people who know what they’re doing, we don’t need babies.”



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