If you haven’t already heard, legendary vocalist Dionne Warwick became more active on Twitter in the past years and has delighted her over 500,000 followers with humorous quips and funny, sharp callouts of other celebrities.

In October, Warwick invited companies to interact with her and quipped to Oreos when they replied that “The one flavor was fine.”

A couple of months later, Warwick posted an update on how Oreo eventually responded in another tweet posted Dec 29:

The photo shows a family-size box of “outrageous” Java Chip-flavored Oreos and some Oreo-flavored lip balm. Warwick promises in the following tweet that she “will be retaliating at a later date.”

This isn’t the first Twitter interaction to turn into a real collaboration for Warwick. Last December, she posted a series of tweets poking fun of Chance The Rapper’s stage name, including the one below.

Chance responded in good fun, saying Warwick could call him whatever she wanted and that he was “still freaking out that you know who I am.”

After the good-hearted interaction, Warwick and Chance later came together to record a track titled “Nothing’s Impossible” which was released this November. You can listen to the song below:

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