Ines Knauss is the big sister to First Lady Melania Trump, and may become a much bigger part of Trump’s life as she resides away from her husband in New York.


Knauss reportedly lives just a few blocks away from Trump, in a $2 million apartment in the Trump Park Avenue property. Sources have said that Knauss was always Trump’s closest friend throughout her life.

Knauss and Trump moved from their native Slovenia in the 1990s to pursue careers in the states. Trump wanted to model, and succeeded, while Knauss tried her hand at design, but never quite made it.

Knauss is a private person, like her sister, and was not seen during the presidential election. She did, however, cheer on her brother-in-law Donald Trump via social media. Her Twitter account is private, but her Facebook shares a few photos of the sisters together. Melania has also posted a few pieces of Knauss’ work to Twitter.

Knauss served as Melania’s maid of honor, and was even present at the birth of Melania’s son, Barron Trump. “I realized that Melania was very close to her family when I saw them all there supporting her after Barron’s birth,” said fashion designer Luisa Beccaria. “Melania had all the professional help she needed at that point, but it was her sister she trusted.”

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