Walt Disney has announced that Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg are teaming up for the fifth installment of the legendary movie, Indiana Jones. 


The movie is expected to hit theaters in July 2019. Fans of the movie haven’t seen a film from the franchise since 2008 with the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullKathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall are to produce the new film.

The last Indy film was a box office success making over $315 million in the U.S. and almost $800 million worldwide. The film ended with Indy settling down and marrying Marion. Perhaps the new Indy will be more dedicated to his family then killing Nazis and finding relics.

Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn said, “Indiana Jones is one of the greatest heroes in cinematic history, and we can’t wait to bring him back to the screen in 2019.”

“It’s rare to have such a perfect combination of director, producers, actor and role, and we couldn’t be more excited to embark on this adventure with Harrison and Steven.”

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