The sequel to 2004’s The Incredibles will finally be hitting theaters on June 15. However, it’s so often that producers can’t get the second movie right, but no fear, Incredibles 2 got decent reviews from a variety of different publications.

The original movie won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature and raked in $630 million worldwide. The sequel is said to seamlessly pick right up where the plot left off, so we’ll see if Incredibles 2 can match the first film’s accolades and sales, too.

Pete Hammond of Deadline said director Brad Bird kept much of the same taste of the original movie, adding that it was also a source of female empowerment, specifically emanating from Elastigirl (Holly Hunter).

“It works nicely — it is almost as they have been frozen in time and thawed out just now to become a certain 2018 blockbuster. Rather than going off the reservation, Bird wisely keeps the wit, style and flavor that worked the first time while still making us happy to spend more time with this special ‘toon family, and in a bid to the times makes a strong case for female empowerment as part of the messaging.”

Manohla Dargis from the New York Times said the graphics of the movie are beautiful, yet hard to appreciate due to the movie’s fast-paced plot.

“All that detail is so exquisitely rendered that it would be easy to get lost in the movie’s particulars: to bask in the silvery glow of Elastigirl’s uniforms, to ooh and aah over the striking design of a luxurious hideaway worthy of a Bond villain, to meditate on the David Hockney-esque patterns of the water in a motel pool seen at night. But once again, and more so than in the first installment, Mr. Bird is working to the steady beat of a classic action movie — ka-boom, yakety-yak, ka-boom — so much so that there are times when you wish that he would slow things down and let you luxuriate longer in the sheer loveliness of his images.”

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Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times found the film to be more revealing of the superheroes’ human identities.

“Though it would be unrealistic to expect “Incredibles 2” to have quite the genre-busting surprise of the original, it is as good as it can be without that shock of the new — delivering comedy, adventure and all too human moments with a generous hand. The initial shock the Parrs have to face in this sequel is that the witness protection-type program that has helped them survive the superhero ban is being phased out. That means even their bare-bones existence living at the Safari Court Motel eating take-out Chinese food is going to be at risk.”

Watch the trailer for Incredibles 2 below.