Australian rapper Iggy Azalea will be featured in a cameo role in Fast & Furious 7.

Iggy Azalea In 'Fast & Furious'

Fast & Furious star Vin Diesel revealed that Iggy Azalea would appear in Fast & Furious 7 during an interview with SkyrockFM about his latest action flick Guardians of the Galaxy.

"Iggy Azalea and I just worked together two weeks ago," Diesel said."I guess you're the first person to know this. We cast her in Fast & Furious 7. She had a cameo in it."

Later on during the interview, when asked what his current favorite song to dance to was, Diesel told the hosts it was “Fancy,” adding, "I'm going to be loyal to Iggy.”

While Diesel might be the first of the Fast & Furious cast to officially reveal that Iggy Azalea would be seen in the franchise’s seventh installment, both the rapper and Fast & Furious star Michelle Rodriguez posted pictures of themselves on set together earlier this month.

Iggy on Instagram

Fast & Furious 7 is slated for release April 10, 2015.

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