Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, whose real name is Amethyst Kelly, is suing ex-boyfriend rapper Jefe Wine, whose real name is Maurice Williams, for $3.6 million for contract fraud and copyright infringement. The former couple met when Azalea was 17 and living in Texas, attempting to break into the music industry. Wine sold himself as an oil man, and put Azalea up in an apartment. When she moved to Atlanta, Wine followed, and in 2009, allegedly copied the entire contents of Azalea’s hard drive, and now after Azalea is a success, is attempting to leach off of it. The copied hard drive had master recordings of unreleased songs. In his press release, Wine stated that he and his company had secured the rights to an early and unreleased EP of Azalea’s called “Inzio.” Wine has claimed that Azalea signed a detailed and binding contract that gave him legal authority and rights to use “any recording embodying visual images.”

In return, the lawsuit has claimed copyright infringement perpetrated by Wine on songs such as “It Ain’t Tricking,” “U Ain’t My Daddy,” “Take My Picture,” “Red Bottoms,” “Supernova,” and “Miss International.”

“The Forged Agreement contains tell-tale signs that it is not genuine,” the lawsuit states. “For example, it includes mismatched fonts on the signature page, paragraph numbers out of sequence, a signature line for ‘Wine Enterprises, inc.’ [sic] (rather than for an authorized agent), and provides, as an address for legal notices, the contact information of an attorney who had no prior knowledge of the Forged Agreement.”

Iggy Azalea Sex Tape

Among the things reported copied off of Azalea’s hard drive was allegedly a sex tape of Wine and Azalea while they were together (Wine was married with children at the time; Azalea was unware). Whether or not the tape is real or if it even exists is yet to be entirely verified; Azalea’s camp have given mixed messages—implying that if one existed it was made without her knowledge and would have been made when she was underage. However, Vivid Entertainment boss Steven Hirsch has offered both Azalea and Wine seven figures for rights to the sex tape if it is real and if Azalea was 18 years old or older when it was made.

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