Iggy Azalea announced that she has signed a new record deal. Earlier this month, she left Island Records. Now, in a series of tweets, she’s claiming that she signed a new deal for $2.7 million.

“Proud to say I literally just signed my new deal/partnership!” she tweeted. “2.7mil, can sign others, own my masters + 100% independent. I’m feeling like such a bossy grown ass bitch today! Time to get back to ME. I’m so grateful & excited. Cheers!”

She also added that she can now own her masters. “I OWN MY OWN MASTERSSSSS bitchhhhhhhhh turn the fuck up!”

Azalea recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight about her record deal status. “Yeah, I left my label, I announced it two weeks ago and then I signed a new deal,” she said. “So, I’m gonna announce that probably next week. Yeah, I’m really excited!”

Azalea hasn’t had the best year recently. Her EP, “Surviving the Summer”, came after she left Def Jam for Island Records and didn’t do very much. Then, her song “Kream” peaked at number 96 on the Hot 100. Her tour was also canceled.