As part of a charity event sponsored by Omaze, Idris Elba announced he needed a date for Valentine’s Day about a month ago. Elba split from long-time girlfriend Naiyana Garth, who whom he has a son, Winston, last year

With Feb. 14 approaching, the actor asked a couple of young dating experts to give him advice. In the viral video, Elba talks with some witty kids to find out how he should prepare for the date-night.

“You take the girl somewhere nice. You pay for everything.  And you agree with everything she says,” one of the youngsters suggested.

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When Elba responded by asking what would happen if that’s not what he would prefer to do, a boy replied: “It doesn’t matter about you. It matters about the girl.”

The amusing influx of pointers caused Elba to attentively “write all this information down.”

As the video continues, the boys and girls offer conflicting opinions about whether Elba should appear like a “good” or “bad” guy on his date. Elba also received tips on what to eat and not to eat on his romantic dinner.

“If you’re good, you might have to wear glasses, suspenders and ugly trousers, and your watch will be a baby-ish one, and then your date will probably slap you because she likes someone bad.”

To add to that, one boy romantic emphasized, “You want her to like you, because you might want to propose to her someday.”

The young love-gurus extend their counsel by showing Elba some dance moves such as the “criss-cross” and a romantic slow dance followed by a hint of silly song-singing by the actor.

You can see Elba’s video here:


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