Ian Ziering On Bedwetting by Uinterview

Ian Ziering, the star of the popular Sharknado made-for-TV flicks, when he’s not chainsawing himself out of shark on TV, is a parent to two young girls. One of his concerns as a parent, is de-stigmatizing childhood bed-wetting.

Ian Ziering On Bed-wetting

When Ziering was young, he struggled with bed-wetting. And now, as a parent, his 3-year-old daughter Penna is having that same struggle. He doesn’t want his child to have the same feelings of shame and fear that he had. Inspired by the work GoodNites does, the actor decided to get involved.

“I started working with the GoodNites people to help take the stigma out of bed wetting,” Ziering told uInterview in an exclusive interview. “For me, when I was a kid, at a very formative age of four or five, if I went to bed I’d wake up frantic trying to change the sheets so my parents didn’t know and god forbid my brothers ever found out about it — they would bust my chops to no end and I’d wake up embarrassed and ashamed. I’d go to sleep the next night worried that it would happen again and I definitely did not want that to happen, that same experience to happen for Penna.”

GoodNites have really improved Penna’s quality of life, not to mention that of her parents, Ziering and his wife, Erin Kristine Ludwig. Now that the toddler can wear GoodNites to bed, and change into her underwear in the morning, Ziering believes that she has a greater sense of her own independence and isn’t as hung up on middle-of-the-night accidents.

“So my wife, who’s a nurse, immediately put her in the GoodNites pants, because it’s one less thing that we need to worry about as a parent. My daughter’s sense of independence grows when she’s able to put her nightgown on and her GoodNites on; she sleeps comfortably through the night, I sleep comfortably through the night, which is fantastic and so important,” Ziering wrote. “In the morning, it’s such a non-issue, she’s able to get dressed into her big girl panties and clothes by herself and that’s a completely different experience from what kids had to deal with in my time. So it’s really been fantastic.”

Ziering believes that more parents should view bed-wetting as a relatively commonplace struggle for children. And, to realize that one of the best ways to deal with it is to get bed-wetters some GoodNights.

“I think parents out there need to understand that it’s natural you know? There’s nothing that the kids can do about it, it’s developmental; in fact one out of six kids ages 4 to 12 deal with nighttime wetting,” Ziering explained. “So, typically it’ll pass in time and if it doesn’t obviously speak to a pediatrician to find out if it’s indicative of a larger problem. But, at this stage, that’s one of the challenges that we’ve been able to find a manageable solution to and it’s been great.”

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