Kim Jong-un’s ex-girlfriend Hyon Song Wol allegedly made and sold a sex tape with 11 other individuals. All of them were reportedly executed by firing squad earlier this month.

Hyon and the 11 others were all members of North Korea’s Unhasu Orchestra and the Wangjaesan Light Music Band, according to South Korea paper The Chosun Ilbo. All of them were arrested on Aug. 17 for their alleged participation in creating and disseminating the pornographic film. Three days later on Aug. 20, their families watched on as they were shot with a machine gun.

The families of the slain individuals were sent to a North Korean prison camp after watching the firing squad, due to North Korea's guilty by association laws.

Kim and Hyon dated one another in the early 2000s after Kim returned to North Korean from his Swiss boarding school. At the time, Hyon had become well known for her single “Excellent Horse-Like Lady.” Kim’s father Kim Jong-il apparently didn't approve of his son dating the singer, and Hyon appeared to be out of the Supreme Leader's heir's life by 2006.

After the split, Hyon wed a North Korean army officer, with whom she bore a son. It was announced in 2012, that Kim married Ri Sol-ju in 2009 – a marriage that had been arranged by his father when his health was failing in 2008. The Supreme Leader and his wife gave birth to a daughter in 2010.

It’s been speculated that Hyon and Kim may have rekindled their past romance in recent years, which could have posed a threat to Kim’s position of power. There have also been suggestions that there were other political reasons for the execution – namely that the group supported one of Pyongyang’s rival faction, reported the Daily Telegraph.

– Chelsea Regan

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