Meanwhile, in Los Alamos, New Mexico, a hungry bear was spotted riding on top of a garbage truck.

According to Julie Anne Overton, Santa Fe National Forest’s acting public affairs officer, the black bear was previously seen enjoying some dumpster leftovers on the premises of the Los Alamos National Lab back in July.

She told ABC News, “The driver didn’t know the bear was in there, and he unknowingly dumped the bear into the truck along with the dumpster’s contents. He said he heard a squeal.”

After alerting the driver to its presence, the puzzled bear eased its way on top of the green garbage truck like a true champion. Some firefighters nearby spotted the bear on its post-food coma joy ride.

Hungry Bear’s Garbage Truck Joyride Caught On Video

Caleb Johnson was one of the firefighters at the scene. His incredibly clear footage of Hungry Bear captured its lovely toasted sienna-colored fur, as well as the bear’s graceful exit from the top of the truck to a nearby tree after the driver backed the truck up a bit to the tree trunk. Hungry Bear chilled on the branches for a bit before heading to a nearby canyon. Johnson’s footage racked up over 68,000 views on Facebook and captures a rare moment of pretty solid human-bear relations in the wilderness.

Humans and bears can agree on one thing: it’s never too late to start preparing for hibernation.

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