Former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea) filed two lawsuits on Monday: one against his one-time best friend, Bubba the Love Sponge Clem, and Clem's former wife, Heather Clem, and one aginst Gawker Media, which published a sex video online of Hogan getting intimate with Heather.

"The decision has been made. We're filing two lawsuits today," Hogan's lawyer, David Houston, told the New York Daily News. "They start with the same basic concept of invasion of privacy."

Hogan, 59, claims that the Clems, who were a swinging couple at the time, videotaped Hogan without his consent during the sexual encounter.

Bubba the Love Sponge's lawyer, Stephen Diaco, denied that his client intentionally taped Hogan and his wife. "Our position, and Terry knows this, is that Bubby is a victim here too," said Diaco. "I don't know how you sue a victim. Let’s see how it all plays out. Bubba loves Terry, the best man at his wedding. They’re best friends for a lifetime. Bubba would literally take a bullet for the guy.”

Hogan, on the other hand, who participated in the sexual encounter during what he described as a "low point" in his marriage to ex-wife, Linda Hogan, doesn't seem to have a very friendly attitude about the whole thing. "Mr. Hogan had a reasonable expectation of his privacy just as all Americans have a reasonable expectation of their privacy in their bedrooms," said Hogan attorney Charles Harder. "The actions of the defendants was illegal, it was outrageous and it exceeded the bounds of human decency."

Hogan is seeking damages of around $15,000 from the Clems and $100 million from Gawker. Hogan appeared last week on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight, the Howard Stern Show and Today to address the tape.

Watch Hogan's Today interview here:

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