Deborah Lee Furness laughed off rumors regarding her husband Hugh Jackman’s sexuality. She appeared on the Not An Overnight Success podcast hosted by Gus Worland on Sunday to discuss her career and relationship with her fellow Aussie actor Jackman.

Furness said she first met Jackman when they filmed the series Correlli together in Australia after she “had it with Hollywood.” She also mentioned that this was Jackman’s “first gig out of drama school,” and cracked “I could never remember his name.” Even with the jokes, she said sweetly, “I feel blessed, you know, that you meet someone in your life that you’re meant to share your life together.”

The actress also joked that despite the age gap of 13 years between the couple, the younger Jackman “is the mature one in the relationship.” She then went into tabloid rumors about the couple and said, “they are selling misery, people must be wanting to buy that other people are miserable.”

She addressed rumors of Jackman being gay directly by saying, “Hello guys, if he was gay he could be gay! He didn’t have to hide in the closet anymore. And he’d be dating Brad Pitt or whatever, you know? Not that Brad’s gay.” She ultimately concluded that those making the rumors are simply “boring,” and the couple is usually unaware of them unless informed by someone else.

Furness and Jackman celebrated their 26th anniversary this month. Jackman commemorated the day with a selfie photo online and also wrote “Every single day is filled with so much laughter, joy, and backgammon!!!! Deb you light up my life. I love you with all my heart!”

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