On Tuesday, radio personality Howard Stern announced plans to release his first book in over 20 years. Speaking nonchalantly to his co-host Robin Quivers, Stern said, “I’ve been involved in a project that has taken up every weekend, every vacation that I’ve been on. And this is something I vowed I’d never do again, but I, yes, Howard Stern has written a new book!”


The book, Howard Stern Comes Again, won’t be published until May 14, but reportedly already hit number one on Amazon’s pre-sale list within hours of its announcement. After his first book, Private Parts, became the fastest-selling book in 1993, Stern has found enormous success on his radio show and with his follow-up book, 1995’s Miss America. 

The new book, Stern says, “is about my evolution. And this is about my interviews.” During the Trump campaign, Stern gained notoriety for his previous interviews with now-President Donald Trump, in which Trump was caught on tape making sexual comments about his daughter Ivanka Trump and Kim Kardashian West. Throughout his career, Stern has been known for his avant-garde interview style and brazen manner.


When describing his process for this new book, Stern said, “I was gonna put out a book of my favorite interviews that I’ve done. Then I said, ‘I can’t just put out a book of interviews. I’ve got to comment on them and tell you why these were good.’ Then I said, ‘Well, now I have to talk about that we moved from SiriusXM. So I started talking about the process and I started talking about my life and some of the things that have happened. I really think this is the capper of my career.”

The new book will feature 560 pages of celebrity interviews and Stern’s analyses.

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