Howard Stern is famous for getting people to open up about very personal matters on his eponymous radio show, and now it is his turn to do the opening up, when he appears as the guest on the May 31 episode of David Letterman‘s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.

Netflix released a preview clip, and naturally enough, the topic of discussion is Donald Trump, who infamously called his daughter Ivanka “a piece of ass” on Stern’s show. While Trump’s lack of filter has made him a not-very-considerate president, it made him the ideal Howard Stern guest.

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“He would get on, and no matter what I asked him, he would answer. In a very sincere and thought-out way,” Stern revealed to Letterman. “I’d say, and I always called him Mr. Trump, he liked that. I’d say, ‘Mr. Trump,‘Who are the great beauties? If I ask you some names, can you tell who the great beauties are?'”

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As Stern continued, the promises came to fruition: “He goes, ‘First of all,’ straight face, ‘the great beauties, Howard, are not actresses. It’s models. Anyone works in the entertainment industry, really, I’ve only seen sixes and sevens.'”

And then the anvil was dropped: “He goes, ‘You know who’s a great beauty?’ I go, ‘Who?’ ‘My daughter Ivanka – now she’s a 10.”

This case of father-to-daughter objectification remains plenty disturbing, though it is hardly a revelation. But an aspect of Trump’s psyche present here that is not commented upon as often is his sour grapes towards Hollywood, which is a club he has been kept out of that he clearly wants to be a part of. Thus, the insults towards members of that club as a defense mechanism against ostracization.

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