Fans and lawmakers are still demanding answers and accountability after Taylor Swift’s presale meltdown on Ticketmaster earlier this month.


Politicians have started to investigate the reach of Ticketmaster and its parent company Live Nation, which merged in 2010, while some fans and critics have speculated that Swift should assume some of the blame as well. 

Two senators have asked the Federal Trade Commission to reevaluate a 2016 law that was designed to crack down on bots that plague ticketing sites. Meanwhile, some senators plan to hold an antitrust hearing to examine how the merger has affected the ticketing industry. 

“The high fees, site disruptions and cancellations that customers experienced show how Ticketmaster’s dominant market position means the company does not face any pressure to continually innovate and improve,” Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota) said. 

The senators wrote in a letter that the hearing “may be the only way to truly protect consumers, artists and venue operators to restore competition in the ticketing market.”

Amid the political upheaval around the ticketing fiasco, many fans noticed a lack of apology from the artist whose ticket sales sparked the controversy in the first place.

Swift posted a statement to her Instagram story after days of silence, saying it was “excruciating for me to watch mistakes happen with no recourse.” She added that she was “trying to figure out” how to improve the situation, but provided no specifics for recourse or why the sale was such a disaster.

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Puck reporter Eriq Gardner wrote that the legal scrutiny of Ticketmaster is nothing new, but that this incident “is cause to revisit that old notion of the artist who stands up to a corporate villain in the interest of fans.”

“Artists like Swift could theoretically promote an alternative to Ticketmaster if they so wished,” he said. “But then again, that might ruin one of the most valuable services that the company provides to them: taking the first when something goes wrong.”

Live Nation provided its own statement addressing some of the reasons behind the fiasco, but many Swift fans are still disillusioned. Some expressed that they were disappointed by her statement and others speculated on why she didn’t name Ticketmaster in the statement at all.

One TikToker posted that the statement “says a whole lot of nothing.”

“When you are the face and the leader of a huge team or a huge project… and something that one of the people you supervised f—ks up, it becomes your mistake,” she said in the video. “It is still your responsibility, and your responsibility to take responsibility for it. And I didn’t see that [in the statement]. Nowhere in here is an apology.”

Other fans emphasized the lack of an apology in the statement.

“She says ‘it really pisses me off,’ so that’s not an apology,” another TikToker said. “Maybe people will weigh in and say she doesn’t have to apologize for this. But I think probably what her team said is, if you say I’m sorry, if you say I apologize, you’ll be taking some accountability for the situation.” 

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