Bonnie (Liza Weil) recounts to Asher (Matt McGorry) what led her to murder Sam Keating (Tom Verica), Annalise’s ex-husband. Apparently, Sam attempted to sexually assault Bonnie late one night after coming home drunk. Asher reveals, much later than he learns the information, that he knows who murdered Sam, although he still withholds the identity of the killer.

‘How to Get Away With Murder’ Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Annalise (Viola Davis) tells Asher that in most rape cases, the woman unfortunately rarely ever gets the court’s favor, despite being the victim, and that cases in which the perpetrator is dead are even more difficult to win.

Bonnie tells Asher that only Frank (Charlie Weber) helped her to leave Sam’s dead body in the woods, although the other students helped her as well.

Annalise reveals to Nate (Billy Brown) the real reason his sick wife Nia (Enuka Okuma) called her, and reassures him that she did not give Nia any pills or try to kill her in any way.


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Laurel (Karla Souza) and Frank have sex. Annalise’s team of students finds a video of Caleb Hapstall’s (Kendrick Sampson) late aunt shouting racist things about him and his Asian stepsister Catherine (Amy Okuda), which the team plans to use as testimony, until Caleb walks in and finds out, angry with the matter. Michaela (Aja Naomi King) promises she will discard this piece of evidence, but Caleb doubts it. This aunt was convinced the two murdered her brother and his wife.

Connor (Jack Falahee) reveals to his boyfriend Oliver (Conrad Ricamora), who is helping them with hacking into the police department, that he may be thrown in jail. Wes (Alfred Enoch) and Rebecca’s foster brother Levi (Matt Cohen) approach Bruno at the cemetery, and Levi threatens him with a gun, claiming he knows Bruno had something to do with the burial of Sam’s body. Wes reveals Levi’s connection to Rebecca (Katie Findlay) to the other students. Immediately afterwards, the police appear and arrest Levi after finding bags filled with meth in the trunk of his car.


Annalise becomes angry with Nate for not telling her that he and Wes have been talking in secret, and Nate reveals that Wes is afraid Annalise may have killed Rebecca, and Rebecca denies it, after Nate confesses he shares Wes’s fear.

The students find a suitcase they fear might contain Rebecca’s remains, but Wes opens it to uncover hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash.

Annalise shows Asher, who has told Bonnie he will testify against her, a video of Bonnie as a child being sexually molested by her father. A flashback of Bonnie and Asher stopping at a gas station after Sam’s murder so Bonnie can wash off the blood in a bathroom shows Asher has disappeared by the time Bonnie returns to the car. Asher is shown going to the police to issue a statement.


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