Hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner can be stressful. There is a ton of food to prepare and there is also a chance that at least one fight may break out amongst family and friends. Luckily, there is a hotline in place to ensure that at least one aspect of this time-honored tradition is executed to perfection: the Butterball Turkey Talk Line.

Created in 1981, six home “economists” answered 11,000 phone calls during its first season of operation from November to December. Last Thanksgiving day alone, 12,000 phone calls were answered. Thousands more were placed online and through social media networks. This year, 57 workers are manning the phones, expecting to receive over 100,000 inquiries.

According to Nicole Johnson, a staffer for the hotline, the most frequently asked question they receive is how to thaw the turkey. Johnson says that one person decided they would thaw out the bird by wrapping it in an electric blanket, she told Another person who had been left a to-do list by his wife, decided he would multitask and thaw it in the bathtub — while his children were taking a bath.

If you are in need of culinary assistance, you can call the turkey talk line at 1-800-288-2732.

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