Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes revealed an interesting story about how rapper Post Malone ended up with his and tight end Travis Kelce’s signatures tattooed on his body. 

Malone was in town the same day of the Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade and invited them back stage to his show that he was preparing to perform. Mahomes gave Malone a jersey and Malone challenged the two to a game of beer pong. Mahomes said, “I guess he loves beer pong.”

After losing continuously, Malone kept switching partners in an attempt to beat the football players and at one point even played with artist Swae Lee, who was on tour with Malone at the time. 

Mahomes and Kelce continued to win and after nine or 10 games Malone’s manager came to tell the performer that it was time for the show. Malone refused and challenged the duo to another game. Malone referred to himself as a “pretty fucking competitive beer pong player.”

After about 14 or 15 games Malone raised the stakes and asked both Mahones and Kelce to sign their names on a piece of paper and promised to get their signatures tattooed on his body if he lost again. 

After losing Mahones explained that, “He has a tattoo artist literally in the room.” Mahones said, “I’m like, ‘Dude, you do not actually have to get a tattoo of our autographs.’”

When describing the exciting day, Mahones told GQ that he does not “know how many full beers I drank, because half the beers were on my clothes.”

Malone is known for his love of beer pong and for raising the stakes. In November 2019, Malone had won $50,000 from Tyla Yaweh. He has also recently filed trademark on “World Pong League” in which he plans to turn the game of beer pong into a national organized sport.

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