On How I Met Your Mother Monday night's episode “The Lighthouse,” Ted proposed to The Mother at a lighthouse that, in the present day, is the site of a tragic date Ted went on with Cassie before Robin and Barney’s wedding on How I Met Your Mother.

Still desperate to prove to the desk attendant that he isn’t lonely, Ted (Josh Radnor) decided to take Cassie (Anna Camp) on a date to see the lighthouse with him – as suggested to him by Lily (Alyson Hannigan). Lily is tired to seeing Ted hold out for ‘the one’ and sees Cassie as a normal, attractive alternative to Ted’s pouting. The date was disastrous. Cassie twists her ankle and Ted carries her all the way to the top of the lighthouse before promptly throwing up.

In a flashforward moment, we see Ted back at the lighthouse with The Mother (Cristin Milioti) – he’s proposing!

Back in the present, Robin (Cobie Smulders) and Barney’s (Neil Patrick Harris) romantic wedding away isn’t faring so well. Barney’s mother, Loretta (Frances Conroy), is still engaging in a feud with Robin. This week the feud moves to the sanctity of breakfast foods, or, more specifically, scrambled eggs.

Eventually, Loretta and Robin make up after Barney reveals to his mother that Robin can’t have children, and he loves her so much that it won’t get in the way of their wedding. We see a flashback to when Robin told Barney she can’t have kids – he hugged her. Upon hearing the news that she will never get grandchildren from Barney and Robin, Loretta softens up a bit towards her.

Later, Robin announces that her mother isn’t coming to the wedding – her fear of flying kept her from getting on the plane. Loretta hugs Robin and tells her to call her ‘mom.’ All is forgiven.

Finally, Marshall (Jason Segel) is still on the road to the wedding with Marvin and Daphne (Sherri Shepherd), and the hellish ride gets a bit better when Marshall and Daphne finally find some common ground when they are joined in the car by Clint (Harry Groener). Their hatred of Clint’s hippy singing overpowers their hatred of each other.

How I Met Your Mother airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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