How I Met Your Mother, winding down to the finale, is now at four hours prior to Robin (Cobie Smulders) and Barney’s (Neil Patrick Harris) Fairhampton nuptials.

How I Met Your Mother Recap

Robin hadn’t expected her flying-phobic mother (Tracy Ullman) to make it to the wedding, but here she is. Her mother downplays the anxiety of the flight, but clips show her screaming, “We’re all gonna die” in the cabin. By the end of the flight, she’d clawed the man next to her, deployed the oxygen masks and found herself wrapped up in duct tape.

Sitting with Ted (Josh Radnor), Barney and Billy Zabka, Marshall (Jason Segel) admits that he’s feeling guilty about becoming a judge, wondering why Lily (Alyson Hannigan) changed her mind so quickly the other night. Zapka then offers some information: He saw Lily leave a minimart and head into a car with an “AHOY” license plate – meaning the Captain (Kyle MacLachlan). While Barney takes on “The Saltine Challenge,” Marshall wonders if Lily cheated on him.

Is Robin Marrying Her Father?

Barney tells Marshall he’s willing to go with him to punch the Captain in the face before it’s time for the wedding. He then lets Robin know that he’ll come meet her mother right after they go “teach someone some manners,” which is precisely what Robin’s dad told her mother on their wedding day. Other similarities: They’ve both married a stripper, dressed up in costume to woo a woman, slept with a lot of women, always side with their mothers, etc.

Marshall Finds Out Lily Is Pregnant

When the guys get to the Captain’s seaside abode, they learn that Lily came in, met his fiancé, asked to go to the powder room, and then made a hasty exit. Ted believes he thinks he knows Lily’s secret. She’s not a cheater; she’s a smoker. In flashbacks, Lily is shown grabbing a smoke in a fire escape, in the train bathroom, and finally, puffing away in the powder room. To prove his theory, Ted gets the daisy from the powder room and commences to dig in the pot to find the cigarette butt.

Instead of finding the remainder of her final cigarette, Ted uncovers a positive pregnancy test. In reality, she had morning sickness in the train bathroom, had been chugging non-alcoholic beverages all weekend and had gone to the mini-mart for the pregnancy test. When the guys get back to the hotel, Marshall finds Lily and tells her they’re going to go to Italy as a family.

Giving the soon-to-be parents of two some private time, Robin and her mother head out to the balcony. Robin’s mom, who noted when Barney gave her a warm hug upon meeting her that he was far from her ex-husband, asked Robin if she felt safe with Barney, if she could count on him. Robin answered that she did and she could. Meanwhile, as Robin’s mother noted, Marshall and Lily were naked in the bedroom, trapping them outside. “Yeah, they work fast,” quipped Robin.

One year later, Marshall and Lily are on a balcony in Italy, arguing in Italian over Funyuns. With them in Italy, are their coupled up parents, son Marvin and their new baby girl, Daisy.

– Chelsea Regan

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