How I Met Your Mother’s last episode before the break featured Andrew Ranells as a guest star, some feuding between the friends and Lily and Marshall’s protracted reunion.

How I Met Your Mother Recap

Darren (Rannels) arrives at the Fairhampton Inn and becomes fast friends with Lily (Alyson Hannigan) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) – despite the fact that they can’t figure out his connection to the impending nuptials. After he tells them the rough start to his life and his subsequent rise to becoming a successful doctor, the girls are won over.

Apparently Darren is the lead singer in SuperFreakonomics that’s been trying to get The Mother (Cristin Milioti) booted from the band. Before campaigning to get her out of SuperFreakonomics he was consistently a compulsive liar who manipulates the people around him into fighting with one another. That sob story? Totally fake.


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The truth about Darren comes from The Mother, who found Marshall (Jason Segal) on the side of the road attempting to hitchhike. She’d made off with Darren’s van for some kind of revenge, but decided against it, so she ends up telling Marshall all about her problems with Darren on the way back to the inn. Marshall suggests she stand her ground and get Darren to be the one to quit the SuperFreakonomics.

Robin & Lily, Barney & Ted Feud

Meanwhile, Darren is successfully getting Robin to expose her honest feelings about Lily leaving for Rome. Robin then admits to Lily that she’s hoping Marshall will be able to convince her to stay in New York City for his judgeship. Clearly, Lily doesn’t like what her best friend is saying to her and feels completely betrayed. Eventually, the two makeup when Robin admits that wanting Marshall to win the battle was selfish; she just wanted her friend to stay close.

When Darren cozies up to Ted (Josh Radnor) and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), he makes it known to Barney that Ted is planning to make the move to Chicago after the wedding. This is the first time Barney is hearing of this, and, like Lily, he feels betrayed by his best friend. “It’ll be easy to say goodbye now that I know how much I mean to you,” Barney tells Ted. Feeling terribly, Ted decides to make it up to his pal by committing grand larceny, stealing a bottle of $600 scotch and proving he’d go to jail for their friendship.

Marshall & Lily Put Fight On Pause

Just as Lily completes an anger management therapy session involving punching Marshpillow as Robin holds it, Marshall enters the inn. When they meet each other’s eyes, they decide to put in place a fight pause and give each other a hug. With Marshall and Lily delaying their fight, the group gets to enjoy a drink together like they’d been doing for years at McLaren’s. But then, Darren knocks into Ted and causes him to drop the expensive bottle of scotch. In retaliation, Ted punches Darren in the eye – a show of masculinity that was relayed to The Mother, who was more than happy to see her nemesis sporting a black eye. She then has a glass of Glen McKenna ’35 sent to her eventual husband.

Just before the episode came to a close, Marshall gave Barney a gift from his long road trip – his fourth slap. What will happen when Marshall and Lily unpause their fight will have to wait until January.

– Chelsea Regan

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