How I Met Your Mother, CBS’s hit comedy sitcom, will come to an end Monday night after nine seasons. The hour-long finale, titled “Last Forever Parts One and Two” promises to wrap up all of the major (and some minor) storylines of its main characters.

How I Met Your Mother Finale

Fans of the series have long been trying to figure out how Carter Bays and Craig Thomas have decided to say goodbye to the gang – Ted (Josh Radnor), Marshall (Jason Segel), Lily (Alyson Hannigan), Robin (Cobie Smulders), Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), and last but not least, The Mother (Cristin Milioti).

"I hope people feel the love that went into making not just this finale, but this entire series," Bays told E! News. "This is the ending we've been writing toward from the beginning. There will be laughs and tears along the way, but ultimately it's a very fond farewell."

Hannigan seemed to echo Bays' take on the finale when she stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live, claiming that the loose ends fans want tied up will be. “I think the writers really wrap the show up the way the fans would want it to be wrapped up. They’re going to answer all the million questions that everybody has and more,” Hannigan told Jimmy Kimmel.

One of the plot points that will be answered is what happens to Ted and The Mother in the year 2030. Rumors have suggested that either The Mother dies or that Ted is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Milioti tried to shut down rumors about her character’s death, but they’ve persisted anyway. HIMYM director Pam Fryman has said that none of the speculation has been completely correct.

"People are so sure and they have such an opinions about what they think is going to happen, but nobody is 100 percent right,” Fryman told TV Guide. “I think people will be happy with the way this plays out. It's a great ending."

'Last Forever' Spoilers

In one preview for “Last Forever Parts One and Two,” there’s a flashback to Robin, two months into her move to New York City and friendless, solidifying her spot among the group. Lily, thankful for some more estrogen at the table, tells the guys that the only way they can sleep with Robin is if they plan to marry her. Flash-forward to the present and Barney and Robin are dancing at their reception. Marshall says, “The son of a b—h did it.”

In another sneak peek, the gang has reunited at Ted and The Mother’s new digs, where her jousting lance hangs on the wall in their bedroom. Back from Italy, Marshall is unhappily back working in cooperate law, holding out hope for another opportunity to take a judgeship.

How I Met Your Mother Finale “Last Forever” airs tonight, Monday, March 31 on CBS at 8/7c. It’ll also be viewable online via a CBS live stream.

– Chelsea Regan

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