A woman in Houston, Tex., climbed on top of a semi and danced on the hood, causing a highway traffic jam that lasted around two hours.

Naked Woman Dances On Semi

The 25-year-old woman, who has not been identified, had walked out onto U.S. 290 in Houston at around 9 a.m. Monday morning, the Harris County Sheriff’s Department told the Houston Chronicle. Her unexpected appearance on the highway resulted in a three-car accident. Following the accident, the woman climbed on top of the semi rig and began dancing.

While the woman was dancing and gyrating on the truck, cars passed slowly, causing traffic to stall. Police, fearful for the woman’s safety, eventually decided to shut down traffic completely on both sides of the highway, backing up the traffic for miles.

It was two hours before authorities were able to get the woman down from the hood of the rig. After failed attempts to coax her down, they managed to get her to climb into the ladder basket of a fire truck.

“The big thing was to try to keep her calm because if she got excited she could fall off that truck,” Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department spokesman Brian Shirley told KHOU.com. “Our biggest challenge was treating the patient with respect and dignity and getting her down safely.”

Following the incident, the woman was brought into custody and then taken to a hospital for an evaluation.