Housewife Alien vs. Gay Zombie (HAGZ), a Swedish comedy-horror film directed by Andreas Samuelson, has been gaining buzz internationally at horror and LGBT film festivals throughout Canada, Romania, China, France, Finland, Brazil and the United States.

“A murderous housewife is resurrected through an alien creature while an unhappily married gay man is possessed by a demon and turned into a zombie,” HAGZ‘s official description reads. “They both go on a rampage and two cops on the case must save the day.”

In his review of the film, Indie Horror critic Richard Gary praised HAGZ as one of his favorite films of the year “because of the sheer and utter WTF­-ness of it,” the best part being the dialogue.

“There is absolutely no subtlety to the humor here, just a cosmic, comedic sledgehammer, but it hurts so good,” Gary writes. “The funny bits are so fast and furious, I may watch this again to see what I missed, because what I did catch was effective and made me laugh. There is so much happening that these are almost set pieces all strung together, but at the same time does not lose the thread of the story in its own reflection.”

He also notes appreciation for the film’s large cast and frequent allusions to other cinema greats such as The Little Shop of Horrors, Repo Man and The Evil Dead.

HAGZ was recently released for rental and purchase on both Vimeo and Amazon.

Learn more about HAGZ at its Facebook page, and watch its alternate Vimeo trailer below.



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