Screen Junkies have given the Pixar summer smash Inside Out that had everyone in tears, the Honest Trailer treatment, and it’s both hilarious and surprisingly insightful.

The cheesy voiceover dubs the flick, “The movie that made parents say, ‘Phew, Pixar’s good again!’, and made kids everywhere say, ‘Why’s Daddy crying?’ ,” a tongue-in-cheek reference to that the fact that some had begun to doubt Pixar’s longevity following lukewarm critical reception for a string of the studio’s releases.

Most cutting is the trailer’s suggestion that Inside Out teaches kids they bear no responsibility for their decisions as tiny people in their heads control their emotions. “You know, there’s a word for that,” the voiceover quips, “schizophrenia.” A reference to bi-polar disorder is also squeezed into the three minute-long clip.

Where Screen Junkies really go for the funny bone, however, is when “Voice Guy,” as he dubs himself, begins to break down when talking about the moment when (SPOLIER ALERT) breakout character Bing Bong fades away to nothing in the memory dump.

The trailer finishes by questioning why main character Riley, in whose head the action takes place, only has five emotions. “Where are reason, envy, tranquility, courage, lust?” Voice Guy asks, something which even Inside Out‘s most devout fans have surely wondered at one point or another.




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