A video of a man spewing homophobic remarks and physically attacking a fellow traveler at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport in Texas went viral after it was posted on YouTube on Oct. 23.

Video Of Dallas Airport Brawl

The incident clearly began sometime before Andrew Kennedy, the man who recorded and uploaded the video, began filming. The video starts with the aggressor approaching the man in the pink shirt and swatting at the phone in his hand, appearing upset and not wanting to be filmed. The two exchange words, and it seems as if the man in pink informs the aggressor that there are cameras and a crowd watching. The man is not phased by this, and proceeds to flip off the crowd.

A man in a cowboy hat intervenes, and asks the man why he’s so upset, and that’s when the man begins to lose it. “Queers is what I’m upset about! This f—-t right here,” the man screams, pointing at the man in the pink shirt.

Without warning, the man kicked the traveler in the pink shirt and then punched him in the face. Airport occupants quickly rushed in, tackling the man to the ground as a police officer rushed over. Once the man was pinned down on the ground, two airport police officers took over and cuffed him as he continued to struggle.

The angry man laughed and yelled his reasoning, saying, “I’ll tell you the reason why I did it: this is America, that’s why! The same reason you get to live and breathe and walk black.”

His last comment caused an audible gasp from the crowd – the two officers detaining him were black. “You know what I mean,” the man said.

Kennedy continued to film the incident, following the officers as they escorted the man away from the gate and back through airport security. A spokesperson for Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport confirmed that there had been an arrest, but did not release further details.

Was Paul Rudd Involved?

The video quickly went viral, and while many are applauding all the men who rushed in to help, some noticed that one of the heroic bystanders bared a striking resemblance to actor Paul Rudd.

A woman on Twitter claims she saw Rudd on her flight from Atlanta, which may have had a connection in Dallas. The woman confirmed that Rudd was wearing an olive colored jacket and a blue checkered shirt.

Rudd’s publicist, however, debunked the theory, reportedly stating that “Rudd was nowhere near the scene.”

Regardless, people on Twitter jumped at the possibility, and #PaulRuddSavesLives was briefly trending.

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